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ichiyo higuchi

​I want to meet Ichiyo

The creator of the miniature nagaya houses is Hiroshi Miura, Hinoki Saiku master. When I first visited his workplace, he showed me a one-twentieth scale house based on the novel "Nigoroe" by Ichiyo Higuchi. “The liquor store is a two-story building with a 180 cm wide entrance." With this single description in the first line of the novel as a clue, Mr. Miura constructed the famous sake bar "Kikunoi" while thinking about the lives of people in the Meiji era. As we talked about various topics, the idea came to me that I would like to use pinhole photography to project a life-size image of the world in which M. Miura's feelings about Ichiyo and his obsession with wood are condensed, although I would never see Ichiyo again, I might be able to recreate the scenery that women in the Meiji era saw.

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