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Donated French photographic magazines to the JCII Library

Soon after I started living in Paris in 1990, I began subscribing to Photographies Magazine for information about photography.


After moving to Japan, I found myself with more than 60 issues, which made the space in my small apartment even smaller. However, thankfully, they were given a new home this year in the JCII Library of Japan Camera Industry Institute.


Photographies Magazine published 90 issues in France over an 11-year period from 1987 to 1997, so my collection covers about 70% of those issues.


Although the publication was discontinued due to the rise of digital photography, these more than 60 issues contain the last glimmer of analog silver halide photography that I sought in Paris: taking pictures, developing the film, and printing.


Although the text is in French, I hope it will be of use to those who wish to enjoy the work of photographers, as opposed to so-called camera magazines.

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