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profile of Mieko Tadokoro


In 1990, when she moved to France, she discovered pinhole photography and, after taking part in a summer course at the Musée Niepce in Chalons-sur-Saône, began working in Paris. She has exhibited original black & White prints in Japan and abroad and organized many workshops and conferences. In 2005, she founded the "Japan Pinhole Photographic Society", of which she has been President since 2006. She was a member of the Association pour la Photographie Ancienne et ses Techniques en France from 1995 to 2015.

CollectionsJCII (Japan Camera Industry Institute​  The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum  New Mexico History Museum (USA)  Bibliothèque Nationale de France


SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2023 JCII Photo Salon, Tokyo 2020 Gallery Hiiro, Kanazawa 2019 gallery bauhaus, Tokyo 2019 Galerie 48, Lyon, France 2018 gallery bauhaus, Tokyo 2016 Monochrome Gallery Rain, Tokyo 2015 Monochrome Gallery Rain, Tokyo 2015 Galerie 48, Lyon, France 2012 Art Chamber Gallery, Goa, India 2007 Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo 2006 Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo 2005 Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo 2003 Y'tsu Gallery, Kitakamakura 2003 Kodak Photo Salon, Tokyo 2002 Maison Franco-Japonaise, Tokyo 2000 Doi Photo Plaza, Tokyo 2000 Kodak Photo Salon, Tokyo 1999 Librairie Jousseaume, Paris 1998 Le Printemps, Ginza, Tokyo 1995 Kodak Photo Salon, Tokyo 1993 Fuji Photo Salon, Tokyo

GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2023-2024 gallery bauhaus "Vintage" 2005-2023 Japan Pinhole Photographic Society 日本針穴写真協会 会員展 2022-2023 gallery bauhaus "LIFE III, Days with pictures" 2023 gallery bauhaus "7 femmes photographes" 2021 gallery bauhaus "Panoramic Photography" 2018 gallery bauhaus "LIFE II, Days with pictures" 2017 gallery bauhaus "LIFE I, Days with pictures" 2017 National Media Museum, Bradford, UK "Poetics of Light" 2014 New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe, USA "Poetics of Light" 2011 Queensland Centre for Photography, Australia "Seven Japanese Pinhole Photographers" 2010 Centre Iris, Paris, France "Variations et Fugues en Sténopé" 2010 The New London Photography Festival "Paris + London" 2004 White Room Gallery, West Hollywood, USA "Paris, Japan" 2003 Polaroid Gallery, Tokyo "Polaroid Pinhole Exhibition 2003" 2002 Visionaria 2002, Sienna, Italy 2000 Bibliothèque Municipale de Lille, France "STÉNOPÉPHOTOGRAPHIE" 1998 Kodak Photo Salon "S&T Collection"  1993 Hungarian Museum of Photography "Camera Obscura"


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