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venice / veduta


My first trip to Venice was in the last summer of the 1980s, just before I discovered pinhole photography in Paris. It was quite natural that I made numerous subsequent visits to Venice, hoping to capture the city as it was in Canaletto's time, with an optical device as archaic as the camera obscura. Thirty years have passed since then, and although the nationalities of visitors to Venice have changed dramatically to reflect global economic trends, the city's bustle as a tourist city shows no sign of slowing down. Thanks to optical devices that have been further upgraded in the 21st century, Souvenir's VEDUTA is now the backdrop for selfies and is shared around the world. Still, in the same manner as before, I continue to wander through the labyrinth, steeped in the remnants of glory, picking up the memory of VEDUTA through the tiny holes.

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