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The exhibition of works by Mieko Tadokoro, "Paris: Two Still Lifes"

This solo exhibition at JCII Photo Salon marks the 30th anniversary of my first pinhole photo exhibition, "Paris captured by a can camera without lens" which was held at Fuji Photo Salon in Sukiyabashi in 1993.

The title "Two Still Lifes" refers to the "stilll life" of vegetables and fruits and the "show-window", which can be considered the street still life of Paris. The former is a pictorial photograph inspired by still life paintings of the 17th century, which were probably made using a camera obscura. The latter is a work that focuses on pan-focus, creating a single image of the objects inside the show-window and the buildings reflected in the galss, all in the same focus, and strongly suggests the perspective on which photography is based.

A still life that takes about 30 minutes to capture one shot, and a show-window that I photographed without a tripod for a Suday morning-only "shutter chance". The negatives of those two still lifes, obtained after a lot of time and effort and trial and error, are lovely even if they are not perfect, and printing them with my own hands is an irreplaceable joy for me.

After the exhibition, all 52 exhibited works will be acquired in the JCII Photo Salon of the Japan Camera Industry Institute. Please take this opportunity to view my original prints at the venue.

For details, please refer to the JCII Photo Salon website below.

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